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THB Finishing School

The THB Finishing school will give you the skills and know how so you can cut with confidence, mix and create colour formulas without the mistakes, nail your consultations to take control of the service and manage your client’s expectations.

This 12 week Programme takes you on the journey from consultation to colour correction, from pixie cut to posting on Instagram.


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The ultimate destination for less experienced hairstylists to unlock their full potential.

The brand-new programme, The THB Finishing School, is designed to equip newly qualified stylists, or those who have had a break from the industry, with the skills and knowledge to cut, colour, and consult with confidence, enabling them to consistently exceed their clients’ expectations and take their career to the next level, in just 12 weeks!

Over the course of 12 weeks, The comprehensive programme will guide THB Finishers through the entire hairdressing process, from perfecting consultations to mastering the art of colour correction. With a focus on hands-on learning, Finishers will gain valuable practical experience and confidence in cutting and colouring techniques, enabling them to create stunning looks and post them with pride on social media.

With The THB Finishing School, hairdressers will gain the tools and techniques necessary to become a successful hairstylist, building a brand and a business.

Join THB Finishing School and unlock the full potential of your creative talent, gaining the skills and confidence necessary to become a THB Finisher and reach mastery levels of success in the hairdressing industry.

Do you have the dedication to become a ‘Finisher’ at THB Finishing School?


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