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Get ready to transform your salon business into the success story you’ve always dreamed of!

  • Fed up with working hard to pay everyone else?
  • Stuck on a hamster wheel of working IN your business, not ON your business?
  • Confused about how you can make any passive income?
  • Are you tired, stressed, overworked, underpaid, and feel like you can’t do this long-term?

Purchase your planner for just £29.99

Purchase only available in the UK

I get you; I really do. That was me, too!

Then something changed, and I didn’t need to employ yet another staff member, and I didn’t need to pay anyone thousands, either. I actually learned how to set real goals, make a step-by-step plan, and take action to get results. 

Guess what… it actually worked!!

It not only worked, but I went on to far exceed anything I thought possible, including,

  • Over 26,000 in monthly income and without having to work harder, I know, crazy!
  • Winning 28 high-level industry awards.
  • Achieving over 500 five-star Google reviews.
  • Facebook reach of over 126,000 & Instagram nearly 500,000
  • Excellent, repeated PR coverage across print, radio and online.
  • 4 sell-out events in one year.
  • 6% increase in average bill.
  • 19% growth in retail.
  • Over £11,000 was gained in a reduction of no-shows and cancellations.

And guess what? I’m going to share with you exactly how!

Purchase only available in the UK

I am a busy Salon owner, just like you. I love being on the shop floor with clients, but I struggled with the planning of my business; I lacked consistency and focus.

To help me stay on track, I wanted to keep all my planning and tracking of figures in one place, but I couldn’t find a solution tailored to the salon industry. So, after months and months of creating and researching, I developed THE Salon Planner.

I really wanted to help people just like you, people just like me, who are passionate about their industry and simply want to make the running of their salon easier.

Did you know….

Research has shown that those who consistently use a written planner are more likely to manage their time more effectively. This can lead to a 9% increase in productivity compared to those who rely solely on digital tools or don’t use any planning system*.

A recent study found that individuals who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who do not**. Using a planner to track progress towards goals helps individuals stay focused and motivated to accomplish tasks.

*Harvard Business Review

** Journal of Applied Psychology

Say goodbye to scattered thoughts and hello to a streamlined, organised and successful approach to running your salon.

Get ready to transform your salon business into the success story you’ve always dreamed of.

“Let’s make this year your best yet!”

Introducing the 12-month Pro Salon Planner – the ultimate tool to make your dreams a reality.

Purchase only available in the UK

This easy-to-use and inspirational salon planner is designed especially for salon owners to keep you focused, motivated, and on track with your goals and finances.

THE Salon Planner isn't just any ordinary planner; it's your salon guru by your side every step of the way. With its powerful features, you'll be equipped to exceed your goals, increase your revenue, and make this year your best year yet!

Take a closer look at what 30 years of experience woven into an incredible planner has to offer:


Access exclusive video content that provides valuable insights and tips to inspire and guide you to success.


Stay in control of your finances and track your salon's profitability like a pro.


Plan your goals and finances efficiently, ensuring maximum productivity.


Set personalised, achievable goals and reflect on your progress. This empowering feature will guide you towards making this year your most successful one.


Start achieving your goals at any month of the year. This planner adapts to your schedule and allows you to begin your journey towards success whenever you're ready.


This durable and stylish planner will withstand salon life's daily hustle and bustle.


Stay motivated and inspired with expert advice and reflections tailored to the salon industry.


Designed with love and knowledge by Emma Jarvis, a multi-award-winning salon owner, educator, podcast guest, and industry columnist. You can trust that every detail is thoughtfully crafted to meet the unique needs of your salon.

Purchase only available in the UK


Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the transformative power of THE 12-Month Pro Salon Planner. Take control of your salon's future and make this your most prosperous year yet.


Your questions answered:

Absolutely yes. THE salon planner is undated, so it is flexible. We. Totally understand that salons work to different financial years, so it is flexible and has been specially created to work to your timeline.

I’m a Mum, wife, hands-on salon owner, and educator, and I still love working behind the chair, that’s why I created THE Salon Planner. It’s easy to follow and easy to start planning and getting results. THE Salon Planner will make your life easier.

You sure can.
I’ve had so many salon professionals contact me who don’t know how and when to start planning. Well, there is never a bad time – just go for it THE Salon Planner will help you and guide you all the way. Setting and planning your goals can start at any time. Do you know the most important thing? That you start, and NOW is your time.

THE Salon Planner has been specially designed for salon owners, but it will help with your personal goals, too, to help you create a more balanced life.
In Chapter 1, we explore scene setting, which encompasses your personal life too. Let’s face it: if you are more organised at work, it will positively impact your home and personal life, too.

100% yes.
You can’t just pluck your goals out of thin air; they need to be achievable, realistic, and personalised to your business and dreams.
Throughout THE Salon Planner, you will find QR codes to easy-to-follow bite-sized videos to guide you through the process. Don’t worry THE Salon Planner will become your new little business bestie to make your next year your best year yet!

Yes. Simply fill out the recipient’s address when you check out, and we can send it directly to them.

No, any salon owner in hair or beauty can pick it up and start transforming their business.

Yes. Throughout THE Salon Planner, there are videos to guide you along the way. There is also a Facebook group (click here) where you can share your experiences and celebrations, ask questions, and get support.

Stock is limited, so order your planner TODAY and unlock more than your potential, unlock the secrets to salon success.

All this specialised support is just for you and is dedicated to the salon industry. Purchase yours for just £29.99

Purchase only available in the UK

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